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More, better quality crops, more income.

Plant Production Monitoring System

The remote sensing system is able to collect data on vegetation development and environmental conditions via a 30 km radio frequency link at a set frequency. From the data recorded every minute, every hour, every day, the producer
accurately monitor growth, nutrient balance, water balance and risk conditions for plant diseases and pathogens, all from your smartphone.

Weather, crop and damage prevention data for immediate intervention.

Data from moisture and temperature sensors in the soil provide the ideal time for sowing and the water content of the soil 24 hours a day.

Same revenue with less input material consumption!

The amount of drip or rainfall irrigation water is automatically or manually controlled from rainfall sensors and water quantity data stored in the soil and adjusted to the growing season requirements. Regardless of soil properties, automatic water limitation is possible, saving the cost of nutrient leaching while protecting the environment.

More, better quality crops, more income.

By continuously monitoring weather conditions and using expert systems based on historical data, crop protection risk factors for individual crops can be determined with hourly accuracy.
This helps the grower to detect and effectively prevent fungal and other diseases at an early stage.

Easier monitoring, faster response

Remote sensing imaging of site-specific flying or ground-dwelling insects can be used to track developmental stages, detect swarming and prevent damage by early application of the appropriate techniques. Greenhouse, greenhouse systems with fully automated solutions. By using a dendrometer, which detects stem and fruit growth with micrometer precision, plant development can be precisely monitored and controlled.

Animal Production Monitoring System

Adjustable periodic monitoring of cattle living conditions, feeding, site-specific breeding conditions, partial or full automation of breeding phases based on the data, and rapid detection of emerging risk situations.
detection and effective elimination.

First-hand livestock data

Automatic control of environmental data, temperature, air quality and conditions in animal husbandry. Heating, ventilation, nutrient rationing, use of individual identification to ensure specific rearing conditions.

Rapid damage prevention

A sensor in the rumen of the cattle senses pH and temperature and stress-relieves nutrient delivery. Based on the behavioural pattern of the livestock identified by the tracking, current life situations such as external attack, mortality, straying can be identified, allowing rapid preventive intervention.



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